USE the Mouse to look around, Click and hold to zoom in, Spacebar to change views, and S to toggle sound.
Hangout Hoops Demo


Hangout Hoops was my first project at Hangout Industries. I had just joined the company as a 3D techical artist and this was my very first project in Unity 3D. Hangout Hoops was a Horse style baskeball game. Players had to make crazy shots from around the court using a basketball, or wacky objects like a beachball, football, anvil, or grenade. It was one of the first real-time 3D games on Facebook.

My Contribution

I created the interactive demo above to show off the stadium environment that I designed for Hangout Hoops. This is NOT a demo of Hangout Hoops the game.

I modeled, textured, and lit the environment using Maya and Photoshop. I also created nomal maps and reflection maps for various surfaces. Hangout Hoops relied heavily on the physics of the playable objects. I setup collision volumes for the environment and also created a physics rig for the net, so it could react to collisions.

The Camera System used in this demo was developed by me and was not part of Hangout Hoops.